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Reinforcing Decisions with Data


AgGrow Solutions has made a commitment to seek and provide efficient products and strategies to supplement or enhance specific aspects of crop production.  We believe a healthy plant can better defend itself from disease, insects, and a variety of in-season stress.  Our top priority is to identify limiting factors that inhibit crop production, quality and profitability.  We also believe in a proactive approach to crop management  and have compiled partners and customers who share that passion.  

Services we offer at AgGrow Solutions:
At AgGrow Solutions we utilize technology that allows us to manage decisions based on scientific measurement.  By utilizing analytics out of your field we can help find solutions faster and more consistently.

  • Plant Nutrition

    • Organic and Conventional Options​

    • Carbon Protected BioNutrients

    • Chitosan Adjuvants

    • Liquid Systemic Copper Fungicide

    • Microbial Innoculants

  • Complete Soil Metrics

    • Soil Testing​

      • Weak Acid, Strong Acid, Rapid Soil, Haney, Paste Extract​

    • Soil DNA Sequencing​

    • Soil Genome Sequencing 

    • Penetrometer Testing

  • Plant Analytics

    • SAP Analysis

    • Petiole

  • Crop Management

    • Drone Imagery 

    • Sample Grading

    • Residue Management

    • Crop Scouting

  • Logistics

    • Trailer Fleet, 500-1000 gal

    • Bulk Tank Delivery

    • Fertigation Injection Systems

    • Custom Spray and Mix Systems

Our Strategies are based on data and experience with solutions that are tailored to your unique situation.  We back our solutions up with sound agronomic products from partners that share our systems based approach to agronomic improvement.  

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Strategic Partners:

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